The attack speeds for Punish and Slash are increased

The attack speeds for D2R Items Punish and Slash are increased by 100%. They also deal 67.500% of your Thorns damage.Norvald's Fever: Acquire 20% more damage when using Steed Charge and for 5 minutes after it has ended.

All Mystic Allies created by Inna's Mantra Six-piece bonuses now have their durations refreshed with each attack.Mystic Ally - Fire Ally Mini allies now have Passability.Mystic Ally - Earth Ally: Earth Ally boulders speed has been raised.

Boulders remain leash-free to the player regardless of the amount of monsters that are on screen.Prevented Earth Ally boulders from getting slowed down in the course of weapons dampening.Bindings that belong to your Lesser Gods: Enemies hit with your Cyclone Strike take 150%-200% additional damage with your Mystic Ally for 5 minutes.

The ability to prevent players from changing difficulty when Echoing Nightmare is active.Fixed a bug where Boon of the Hoarder allowed gold to drop during Echoing Nightmares.Fixed an issue where the Orek's Dream vignette might not appear in Shrouded Moors and Festering Woods after entering any other level than level 1.

Fixed a bug that caused the Orek's Dream opening VFX to display inconsistently.Shely stated that the ability to extract power from legendary items (previously disclosed in a Diablo IV quarterly update) and place them in other items "really provides the possibility to alter your gear." Fergusson was buy D2R Ladder Items in agreement with that.
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