EA has been conducting Super Bowl simulations with Madden

EA Sports historically simulates the Big Game and releases the results of the game and this year's game choosing the Chiefs to take their second consecutive Super Bowl by taking down the Bucs to Madden 23 Coins win the title by a score 37-27. It's a high-scoring contest, and this is not surprising given the explosive offensives of both teams. The two quarterbacks are among of the top players on the NFL.

The simulation predicts that Patrick Mahomes will lead his team to victory, and take to the field his Super Bowl MVP award for another year in a row as Brady will give an impressive effort even in defeat. The outcome remains to be seen but EA's predictions from the past have proved to be extremely precise, such as in 2022, when the simulation predicted the Patriots coming back to win against the Seahawks of Seattle--and the final score as well as the exact kind of pass play that led to it. It was scary. However, EA can be a bit sloppy in its predictions. Sometimes, the model gets it terribly wrong.

The Big Game dominating the sporting world this week, we're taking a look at the last decade of EA Sports Madden Super Bowl simulations and predictions. As you'll discover, EA's record in predicting the winner has been mixed. Over the last 10 years, the EA simulation has predicted correctly winners five times, but failed to predict the winner five times.

EA has been conducting Super Bowl simulations with Madden from 2022. Sportingnews has crunched more numbers and discovered that EA has succeeded 11 times over the past 17 years, with a success rate of 64 percent. In the past, based on the information gathered by the website, EA got off to an impressive start after accurately predicted Super Bowl winners. Super Bowl winners four Buy Mut 23 Coins straight years between Super Bowl 38 to Super Bowl 41. Since then the model hasn't been able to get the right answer for more than two times in a row. But it never went off by more than two consecutive years.
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