About Us

GooalSocial.com is a social web network application and mobile device application about football (soccer) on all levels.

It is a professionally developed web/app based platform designed for football (soccer) Academies, Clubs, Universities, Colleges, Teams, Coaches, Scouts, Agents, Players, Parents and Businesses.

Our goal is to help everyone involved in the football (soccer) industry find the right information, gain access to quality resources and remain updated on new things happening in this industry.

Everyone can create a professional profile to showcase football (soccer) related data about themselves.

GooalSocial offers features such as video and photo uploads, experience history, performance stats, advanced search, progress report documents and advanced management for events - combining the strengths of football (soccer) with the web.

Using the GooalSocial license will also automatically create squads for Academies and Teams.

GooalSocial creates parent supervision for players younger than 13 years of age.

We always appreciate feedback to ensure that we provide the best web based platform for the football (soccer) industry.

Gooal Social Inc.

Ottawa, ON, Canada