Blizzard has also released the descriptions of Bananas

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World of Warcraft players Are Now able to claim a Free Bananas, an in-game pet that is named Bananas.

Due to the generous donations by World of Warcraft players, everyone has a cute new game-related pet to the MMO. The WoW WOTLK classic's Doctors Without Borders campaign, that is raising funds for the fight against this pandemic has exceeded $500,000, which means Bananas The Monkey available to all players regardless of whether you contribute.

It is possible to download Bananas at no cost right now through the Blizzard Shop. If the funding reaches $1 million by the time the end of April 26, each WoW WOTLK classic player will get an additional animal, Daisy the sloth, which is adorable. The two pets can be seen in the photo below; Use the slider to swiftly look at each.

Blizzard has also released the descriptions of Bananas and Daisy The descriptions are absolutely delightful. You can read the descriptions below, and the complete information on how to make a donation are at the end on the webpage. Blizzard created their descriptions of these sections, which were written in a blog article.

Bananas is a boy born on an island near the shores of Stranglethorn Vale, little Bananas is the daughter of King Mukla who is an imposing chief of Skymane Gorillas. Happily, Bananas dropped far from the tree cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold. His charming personality makes him a great travel companion that will bring joy to your life at Azeroth or even beyond.
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