It's pretty easy to see the reasons

With "mid-round draft picks" being discussed as compensation for Miami The Dolphins and Browns will probably need to Madden 23 Coins agree to a trade this evening at or before 7 p.m. ET to ensure that Bess can board the final flight to Cleveland and complete an examination that will let the deal to be finalized and a swap of picks to occur. The sooner the deal is completed, the Browns wouldn't be able to take 2013. the Madden NFL 23 Draft picks from the Dolphins in time.

As the deadline approaches, Zach Miller of Dawgs By Nature gave a different perspective regarding what a potential trade could be for the Browns which recently let their contract with Josh Cribbs to expire, and sent the return specialist to free agency:

It's pretty easy to see the reasons why the Browns could be interested in the possibility of a WR that is like Bess. The Browns have a strong core of young WR, but lack a veteran presence, especially in the absence of Josh Cribbs gone. Davone Bess could have an impact that is steady on this rookie WR core. On the other hand, they could also be trading a valuable mid-round pick on a guy who's not a big deal.

Bess 27. who was a free agent who had not been drafted in 2008 however, he immediately made an impression as a returner and receiver in his rookie season. In five seasons with the Dolphins Bess has scored 321 receptions with 3.447 yards and 12 touchdowns with at least 50 receiving catches every season.

The Browns saw the rise of Josh Gordon in 2012. in which the rookie finished the season with 805 yards of receiving then Greg Little with 647 yards receiving. The team also allowed Mohamed Massaquoi to Cheap Madden 23 Coins leave in free agency in the company of Cribbs.
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