Today's sports news is from Los Angeles

Today's sports news is from Los Angeles. Find the latest news about teams like the Dodgers, Lakers, Angels, Kings, Galaxy, LAFC, USC, UCLA and more LA teams.The 28-year-old has maintained his solid shooting playing, rebounding, and playmaking statistics despite playing 37% his time in the center position that is the most of his career, by far. Toronto's small-ball, wing-heavy lineups brought them into fifth , and even though the disappointment of losing in the first round ended its season, the overall stats of Siakam should not have sunk in the process - if you look at it, it was contrary.

The Phoenix Suns, by an almost a minuscule margin, played the third-best defense during the regular season of last year; they could've very well had the distinction of being first. A united effort is required to maintain this quality over the course of 82 games, and fourth-year forward Mikal Bridges was a key role in that. Not only did he participate in every single game, but it was also a highly efficient defender on the team.

But, it's not evident in his overall or defense per-perimeter rating. His overall rating didn't increase from 2K22 but stood at 83. In addition, his perimeter defense score is 85 (A-minus) and is second in the league behind Chris Paul's 90. For a player who was second in Defensive Player of the Award last season and averaging 82, those ratings ought to be higher.
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