Closet decor and lighting in the bedroom

When choosing the design of the dressing room, its exterior must not be forgotten. Finishing of the outer wall or doors should match the overall style of the interior decoration of the bedroom, not standing out, but harmoniously complementing the environment. The finishing of the dressing room is chosen not only by color, but also by texture, so as not to cause dissonance in the perception.

All the order in the closet is useless if you can not see what is where. Therefore, the right light in the closet is a must.

Ideally, the wardrobe has integrated lighting, but it's also no problem to install one afterwards. LED lights that can be mounted in cabinets are particularly popular - also because they are energy-saving. Spotlights and spots can be mounted on doors, on the cabinet ceiling or even on the individual shelves.

The most acceptable finishing materials for dressing room doors are glass, transparent, translucent or with a pattern, as well as mirror. Stylistics of bedroom design dictates the material for the structural elements, for example, in high-tech or loft interiors metal and plastic are appropriate, while the classic genres look harmoniously with products made of wood.

A modern solution in minimalist style

Particular attention is paid to lighting, because inside the "closet" is initially dark, so you need competent lighting of all shelves and compartments.

Light in the dressing room can be not only functional, but also decorative: multicolored lighting of different zones is beautiful. Clothes illuminated in different colors by season or belonging to different members of the family look creative.

Storage system in a small bedroom

If there is not enough space in the bedroom, the dressing room is located along one of the walls or in the corner. For dressing room doors use mirrors, translucent glass or plastic, so as not to reduce the already small space. A budget option is light curtains or screens.

Open system is the most suitable option in terms of spatial perception, but visually "living in a closet" is not to everyone's liking, plus on open shelves things get dusty faster. The open system is completely unsuitable if there are small children or pets in the house.

Storage system in a large bedroom

A spacious room does not limit the flight of design thought. In a large bedroom you can combine several types of closets at once. In any of the structures should be thought of a ventilation system and summed up lighting. Shoes should be stored in special boxes, away from the shelves or drawers with underwear.

A beautiful dressing room in the bedroom is part of the interior and saves the purchase of additional furniture for storing things.


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