FIFA 23: Rewards are accessible aural

With Swaps you can acquire tokens and barter them for rewards. Nice! | © EA  FUT 23 Coins SportsAll Swaps Tokens And Challenges
More than 50 tokens are cat-and-mouse for us. But the bullwork is anniversary it, because we all appetence to get rewards afterwards spending added money. We will amend this commodity frequently with all alive tokens, so accomplish abiding to analysis aback and see if EA added some new challenges.

You can acquisition all tasks in the Anniversary agenda in FUT. Important to apperceive for all tasks: matches in Band Battles allegation to be played adjoin semi pro or higher. You can additionally do this in rivals, but we acclaim amphitheatre offline, obviously. This way, you additionally aggregate credibility for bigger Band Battles Rewards.

Good anniversary for those online friendlies: EA has activated the aureate ambition rule. Whoever array the aboriginal ambition wins. So, no amaranthine sweating... alike if 6 wins can booty a complete continued time. But now we got a timer on 10 amateur per hour... so it takes ages if you alpha commutual them now.... Bad anniversary for bankrupt people: two tokens were in packs that costed 75k. That's aloof bad, EA. We additionally don't apperceive how abounding tokens there absolutely are... maybe 60 instead of 50, though.

For 20 tokens, you can get either 3 times an 84 x 20 backpack or a amateur aces (1/5) of Aisle to Celebrity items. For 25 tokens, you'll get a amateur aces (1/4) of the Apple Cup Heroes. And for 35 tokens, you can acquire 1 of 3 Apple Cup Icons. Or you go all the way and absorb 30 tokens for Figure Cafu or 40 tokens for Figure Patrick Vieira.

Rewards are accessible aural the Band Architecture Challenges agenda until January 4. There are additionally some Apple Cup Stars cat-and-mouse for you. You can acquisition them here:You can alleviate seven Bandy Tokens in FIFA 23 Coins for sale  abandoned one bold of FUT – That's already abundant for some appropriate rewards.
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