EA FC 24 Ultimate Team Evolutions explained, FUT 24 Game Modes

EA FC 24 (FIFA 24) Ultimate Team has been the most iconic and loved game modus of FIFA for quite some time now. And this is no different in EA Sports FC 24. The mode allows players to assemble their favorite players into a squad, from both the current football era as well as stars of the past. We will tell you everything you need to know about EA Sports FC 24 Ultimate Team (FUT).

What is FC 24 ultimate team?

FC 24 ultimate team is a unique game mode where you build a squad via a deck-building mechanic. Here, you manage a team in a distinct way versus FC 24’s career mode. You can open packs of players with in-game currency (hoping for some great FC 24 wonderkids), trade for different cards with others around the world, and make your dream team with the highest EA FC ratings. You then take that team head-to-head with other players, whether in a one-off match or a multiplayer league.

What’s new in FC 24 ultimate team?

The biggest mechanical change to FC 24 ultimate team is the addition of evolutions. Evolutions change the way your squad changes over time, allowing you to improve and customize players for the first time in FUT.

You can level up lower-rated players, teak them with additional skill moves, and adjust work rates and upgrade their weak foot. You get visual upgrades as your players develop, so your opponent knows what changes you’ve made – by the end of the year, following numerous evolutions, you might have a player that no-one else does. There are various restrictions and challenges around evolutions, but fundamentally, it gives you more control over your squad than ever.

Another excellent addition is the other half of The World’s Game – women’s football is now part of FC 24 FUT. Both men and women can play together in the same team, increasing the player pool by around 1600 players, and bringing superstars into the fray, something long overdue. Of course, some numpties have caused a fuss about the idea of women and men playing together on the same pitch, but we think it’s great – and can’t wait to build the ultimate team

There are also playstyles, letting you build a squad based on how they actually play on the pitch, with unique abilities and a more authentic experience. PlayStyles introduce a brand new dynamic to Ultimate Team that goes beyond overall ratings, allowing you to build your squad based on your knowledge of the players – and how they actually play on the pitch.

Ultimate Team Evolutions

Ultimate Team Evolutions is a new feature within Ultimate Team that allows players to upgrade players already in their Club. Players can develop their favourites into club legends by completing objectives that improve their individual skills, PlayStyles, overall ratings, and even how their Player Items look.

FUT 24 Game Modes

Although there are lots of new features, Ultimate Team will still contain all the game modes and experiences we have grown to love over the years! You can look forward to:

Moments: Complete challenges against the CPU to earn Stars, then trade those Stars for rewards.

Squad Battles: Play against various CPU squads to earn points, go up the rankings, and earn weekly rewards.

Division Rivals: Play against human opposition to climb the ranks, earning better weekly and monthly rewards based on your final standing.

FUT Champions: The most competitive mode in Ultimate Team, you need to qualify for FUT Champions (also known as Weekend League), then have a few days to play 20 games against human opposition, with more wins getting you a higher rank and better rewards.

Friendlies: A variety of game modes with restrictions and rules, with no impact on contracts or match records. Usually used for completing objectives.

Draft: Play against the CPU or a human opponent. Build a squad through player picks, then see if you can make a four-game winning streak for big rewards.

Squad Building Challenges: An essential area of FUT, trade-in players from your club that meet squad building requirements to earn rewards such as special player items and packs.

EA Sports FC 24 New PlayStyles System

PlayStyles in EA Sports FC 24 are dynamic traits and abilities that are reflections of real-life player skills. EA Sports have partnered with Opta, and, by using their analytical data, EA Sports FC 24 integrates players’ signature styles into the game, enabling them to build stronger squads based on their knowledge of how these players play in real life.

More than 30 traits will be introduced to EA Sports FC 24, divided into six categories: Scoring, Passing, Ball Control, Defending, Physical, and Goalkeeper. Each trait also has a PlayStyle + variation, which will have the same effect as the regular PlayStyle but greatly improved. For example, it can provide significantly improved accuracy on shots or passes.

FC 24 Ultimate Team: Women’s football

This new game has given EA Sports the chance to add female players into Ultimate Team, meaning you can mix and match squads, or even have an all-female Ultimate Team squad. This brings in new chemistry options, so Chelsea players like Sam Kerr will have good chemistry with players from the Chelsea men’s team.

There are six new women’s football competitions represented: Women’s Super League, champions cup, Liga F, D1 Arkema, Frauen-Bundesliga, and the NWSL. The player stats are linked to the competition they play in the real world, not against the numbers for the male players.

Will there be new menus in EA Sports FC?

Yes, EA Sports FC 24 will have a new and improved menu overhaul.

The User-Interface has been developed while keeping the community’s wishes in mind and has been made more quick and efficient.

The new Quick Switcher menu will allow for fast switching between frequently used sub-menu options.

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