The Pros and Cons of Rattan Outdoor Furniture

Rattan is the very light vine material that comes with tremendous flexibility as well as grows with the fast pace. Rattan is the best wood used for furniture making due to its flexible nature. The material has superior endurance and offers ample choices of the natural colors, styles, and designs to choose from. The Rattan Lounge Set is best to use in indoors as the direct exposure to the sunlight will result in its discoloration.

Rattan Is Lightweight

Rattan furniture is not as heavy as wooden furniture, which makes it easier to move around. Although it’s lighter, this doesn’t mean it’s weaker than hardwood furniture. Unlike hardwood furniture which is hard to budge, you can easily shuffle around your back garden by experimenting with the placement of your rattan set.

UV Protected Rattan Furniture

Of course, we’re not just protecting your rattan garden furniture from the bad weather. The sun can be just as damaging! We know that you’re going to get the most use out of your rattan furniture when it’s glorious outside, so the full range of Richmond Verano rattan furniture is UV protected to ensure that they don’t fade and look just as good as the day you made your purchase from Leader Stores. Our fantastic 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee is our assurance to you that your rattan garden furniture won’t fade in the sun, allowing you to enjoy it summer after summer without worrying about the appearance.

Easily Movable Rattan Furniture

Our rattan garden furniture is sturdy and high quality, but also lightweight enough that you can easily move it around the garden depending on your needs. Made with powder-coated aluminium frames, each set is lightweight while also having a longer lifespan than cheaper steel alternatives. Simply move your rattan garden furniture wherever you need it to be, from the decking to the patio, even to the middle of your lawn!

True Beauty

Furniture made using natural materials are in a league of their own when it comes to beauty. Rattan furniture possesses a rustic charm that could not be achieved by another medium. Whether it’s synthetic or natural, when you buy a piece of rattan furniture, you can trust that the piece you receive will be beautiful.

Due to the strength of the material, rattan furniture can be woven into a vast array of styles and shapes and stained to blend well with rooms of any color. However, it should be noted that the beauty of the piece will be shaped by the quality of the material the furniture is made out of, so you must consider this when shopping.


You will enjoy the beauty and comfort of both rattan and teak garden furniture for many years to come. In addition to withstanding the damaging effects of the weather and other outdoor elements, synthetic rattan is also designed to last. But it is also true that its durability cannot compare to teak which can easily last a lifetime.

Cons of Rattan Furniture

Less Comfortable

Because rattan fiber is typically hardy, the furniture itself does not provide enough “give” to be comfortable. Sitting on a bare rattan chair for longer periods of time can get uncomfortable unless the chair has cushions or pillows. That said, wicker furniture is more comfortable compared to solid wood furniture. To keep the furniture comfortable (and stylish!), just add colorful cushions.


Rattan furniture is more expensive than conventional wood or plastic furniture because each piece is painstakingly made by hand. Workers treat and process every plant fiber to make the furniture. Local artisans weave the plant fibers for days to create a single chair. The work that goes through every piece of furniture is labor-intensive so the final product is pricier than any mass-produced furniture.

Loose Fibers

High-quality rattan furniture is very well constructed but prolonged use could loosen the natural fibers over time. The loose fibers could poke anyone who sits on the chair or the handles. The issue could also affect the design of the furniture itself. If the rattan fibers become loose, you can take it to your local furniture shop for a quick repair. You can do the repairs yourself too! To make sure those who sit on the chair won’t get poked, always add cushions.

Overall, rattan garden furniture has many benefits, making it a top furnishing choice for any space both indoors and outdoors. Not only is rattan tough and lightweight but it's also stylish and blends into practically any environment. Plus, you can decorate your rattan furniture with cushions if you're looking to increase both style and comfort. If you're looking for rattan furniture that will impress your friends and beautify your home, check out Garden Lounge Set manufacturer

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