I absolutely love playing the game from the core but

As for how am I behind in the third raid, it's up to me to see. I think I will be in the back of the pack if I stop playing for a while, which is a decent possibility if/when I get bored of it (edit the previous comment: I've said that in Lost Ark Gold my last comment, or) as you say. I agree with the comments you made about Argos as it's the biggest mindless raid that clears every pub that you visit. Valtan I'm guessing will be a bit more tenacious but it's an hour long (Argos being between 10 and 15 minutes) and if not able to endure that type of work on a weekly basis then I would not be able participate in any of the modern multiplayer game.

I rarely interact with other players in the game, mostly just my guild and friends I've met prior to playing the game. I don't really care how random internet strangers judge me, if I'm being completely honest. Internet points are fundamentally meaningless and the negative opinions of those who I don't even know or have no reasons to believe is irrelevant to me.

Different mindsets/perspectives I guess.

I play each day and have 2 characters above 1460. I have 1370 different alts filling the other slots. Overall, I would imagine my experience as "Wait Ark" more than anything. I love what the game is played in KR . Players are able to raid for hours on a myriad of characters and have so many raids that they can take out each week. But it's going to require a couple of months for us to reach this point.

I absolutely love playing the game from the core but, as of right now there's just not much that you can do in the game every day. It's to me like an "investment" towards the future as it were because I love how the game looks in KR . But we're only... still not there yet, and not for at least 4-5 more months.

It's quite a bizarre thing to be doing - to be "investing" into something , and then waiting for the game to "get good" in the sense of. The handful of raids that we do per week now are a lot of fun, and Lost Ark Gold for sale occasionally I'm a part of try parties for Valtan Hard just to try playing the raid for a long duration of time each week.
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