FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA 23

FIFA Ultimate Team is the most popular mode in FIFA 23. Here you start with a bad team which you have to improve by grinding. You can't play licensed teams FIFA 23 Coins, you have to build a team out of licensed players and legends. There are all the players you will find in the kick-off mode, but each as a single card. You can play superstars like Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, but you have to either earn them, buy them on the transfer market or pull them from a pack.

The packs, in turn, can be earned or bought with real money via "FIFA Points" (yes, pay to win). By playing and exchanging items from the packs you receive the ingame currency "FIFA Coins", which you can use to buy cards on the transfer market.

The transfer market is live, so the players have dynamic prices that change every day. The better the player is, the more expensive he is on the transfer market. The prices of the cards are based on the FIFA meta. Here you can find good trading tips for beginners and advanced players.

When building a team, you have to consider the positions of the players and the team chemistry. You can't just randomly build a team, otherwise the players have no chemistry and play badly ingame buy FUT 23 Coins. You get chemistry points if you field players from the same league, club or nation. We have explained the new chemistry system in a separate article.
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