This is something that MMOexp FC 24 has identified as well

That being said, rebuilding Barcelona squad will still take some time, and this is something that MMOexp FC 24 has identified as well FC 24 Coins. As a result, Barcelona has received a lower ranking when compared to its rival, Real Madrid.

9 Chelsea (83)
After winning the Champions League, it was clear that Chelsea was on track to be a dominant team. However, injuries and a poor run of form destabilized the team, with Thomas Tuchel being sacked this year in one of the biggest stories in football.

While Graham Potter is definitely a great appointment, only time will tell if he will elevate Chelsea status to a new level. Until that time comes, Chelsea has to remain content with being tied for third place in the rankings for the best club in England.

8 Juventus (83)
Another team that has recently experienced a poor run of form is Juventus. Massimiliano Allegri is a great manager, but his time at Juventus is marred by a string of avoidable and humiliating losses.

MMOexp FC 24: 10 Best Wingers

The once-dominant team in Italy has been dethroned by other clubs, so some people might find their rating in MMOexp FC 24 to be somewhat flattering. Only time will tell if the club will be able to justify this rating EA FC 24 Coins for sale, although the chances of that happening are pretty unlikely.
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