The FUT Birthday is a party that will last for two weeks in FC 24

The FUT Birthday is a party that will last for two weeks in EAFC 24 Coins. The loading screen never lies. EA announced that Team of the Week is the last on for FC 24 – and therefore the last one ever in the FIFA series. We will probably see it again in EA Sports FC.

We'll see the new Trophy Titans next – but let's deep dive into those Team 2 players. We already showed you all FUT Birthday players and Icons with all SBC and Objective players – but we are also looking forward to more players that should be coming with FUT Birthday Team 2.

We will keep you up to date on all the players who are scheduled to come in our list. Ratings are only a prediction. The Team of the Week is an important event for Ultimate Team – not only are they in packs for one week and can be packed at any time, they are also the new red picks in your FUT Champs rewards.

For years, there was a free demo for EA Sports' FIFA games. But in recent years we have unfortunately not seen a FIFA demo. We would appreciate it if EA released a demo again, because that would significantly increase the hype about the new game – at least for us.

A demo for the new FIFA was a tradition for many years. The fact that there was no demo for FIFA 21 and FIFA 22 surprised all FIFA players. And unfortunately, EA has not released a demo for FC 24 either – at least not for everyone.

But since there are no demos not only for FIFA, but also for F1 and NHL, EA is counting on us that we will all buy the game again anyway... without being able to try the gameplay ourselves first.FC 24 had a closed beta for selected players only.

But there were still ways to play EAFC 24 Coins for sale as early as possible – we'll show you the alternative to the FC 24 demo. But where to put all the cards? Into a gamble SBC? With FUT Birthday Rivaldo: The best Icon SBCs in FC 24. FC 24: 88+ Prime, Mid Or WC Icon Player Pick SBC
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