Gameplay is the only reason I am still up mut 23

Last year was a huge leap forward in theme teams with the team diamonds Mut 23 coins. Wait for the mut play the ea accessibility trial this week When on the fence. Teams aren't impossible early in the year, just not as OP. I still run using a theme team whereever I can find higher or a gold. Because 20s gameplay was so bad, the reason I am mulling it is. 2K and I play with as well and even when the season was on pause they discovered ways to release. EA is a organization. I am sure they're prepared and will publish content or I'm sure they would lose millions that I do not find them wanting to perform.

Gameplay is the only reason I am still up in the air about it. But I love football, so following the MUT blog comes out, I'll probably preorder it. "Doubt the football season is occurring" the football season is occurring. If it does not occur the NFL will miss out on billions and considering literally every other significant sports league is resuming play it would be embarrassing on the nfls part.I know for certain the NFL will attempt to have one but Coronavirus has closed down a lot of things I feel as though it may be closed down since there are hundreds of individuals for every team in a stadium in close proximity and they'll be traveling from state to state spreading the virus at least I doubt it would be permitted to take place in California and in several other states where everything is on lockdown such as colleges.

Baseball is happening everywhere without a bubble so I doubt that the states will shut it down. Yeah but there's 25 players in a baseball team while there are 55 players at a football team bot to say baseball is more spaced out while the entire point of soccer is up near tackle somebody and do not mention the NBA because everyone playing is at a bubble while at least to my knowledge MLB or the NFL has said anything to help block the spread within their matches Edit:also didn't some baseball players receive coronavirus and matches have been postponed and canceled because of this madden nfl 23 coins.
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