Do you believe it is feasible to maintain wow

Do you believe it is feasible to maintain this kind of pace of fairly extensive content?

So far. [laughs]

Yeah, so far. [laugs] Our team has expanded steadily over the past few years  buy WoTLK Gold, and it's also simply a matter of working smart.
We've mastered the art of creating WoW over the course of more than 12 years. Some people have been working on WoW here for more than 15 or 16 years. Therefore, we've become a little bit better at working on patches at a time and of combining large patches and smaller patches. In contrast, 7.1.5 did not require as much time to complete in the form of an extension or a larger patch. So, yeah, to date it's been extensible but not with too much effort on our part.

We've heard the narrative , or the feelings from Warlords, where people were extremely happy when they first started, but after that, there were the complaints we heard which you have described, concerning droughts. This was a major objective for us when we started Legion which is why we cannot see how it's been going up to now in the beginning, but so far it's felt like 7.1 came at a time where players were very pleased with it, and 7.1.5 arrived at a moment when players were very satisfied with it. However, despite all of that being released, we remain in the realm of raids. Nighthold arriving, I believe that it's not already too late. It's coming at a very pleasant time for players despite all the other stuff have been developed and released during the time.

Having these regular patches come out, has that helped players stay more engaged buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold? In the event of an expansion, there is always the possibility of a massive influx of players. It feels like it's fading off. Did this consistent content help in reducing this effect?
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