Patch 7.1.5 is a microcosm of our philosophy

Patch 7.1.5 is a microcosm of our philosophy With micro-holidays, it showcases these absurd things we can do, or time-walking which pay homage to things players will always remember fondly buy WoTLK Gold. There are even micro-holidays that draw attention to AQ; I like that WoW has just had many new content in the years and we're keeping in the same tradition of providing new activities for players that are new that we're thrilled about.

Do you think it is feasible to keep up the pace of this massive content?

So far. [laughs]

So far. Our team has expanded steadily over the past few years It's also the result of simply doing the right thing. We've learned to create WoW over a period of 12 years. Some of us worked on WoW here for fifteen to 16 years. So we've learned to be an inch or two better at working on patches in parallel and of pairing large patches with smaller patches. While 7.1.5 did not require as much time to build in the form of an extension or a larger patch. So far, it's been extensible , but without any significant rigor from our end.

We've heard the story or the feeling from Warlords when players were very pleased initially, but following that, there was the issues we encountered, that you described, about droughts. It was an important target for us prior to Legion however we'll only see how it's been going to date, but so far it's felt like 7.1 was a time when players were very happy with it. 7.1.5 arrived at a moment when players were very happy with the game. Then, despite those things coming out buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold, we still have the raid zone Nighthold due out, I believe that it's not far too late. This is coming at a enjoyable time for players, despite everything else have been developed and released in the interim.
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