This week's launch of World of Warcraft Classic Season

It's what looks to be the start of a rather complex redemption arc for what was previously the one World of Warcraft 's few prominent female characters. Once thought of as ruthless and cunning buy WoTLK Gold, it seems the character's evolution since World of Warcraft is now largely being thrown away, attributed to the evil half of her soul split.

It's important to know that World of Warcraft is no novice to redemption stories, the most prominent example is Illidan, who was the main villain of WoW's Burning Crusade expansion and later became the hero of everything in the world at the end to complete the Legion expansion. How WoW will deal with the rest of Sylvanas the story's arc remains to be determined, but many players, primarily people who enjoyed the more violent version of the character, will likely be being irritated by what appears to be a sudden shift in direction. It also puts players who have resentment for Sylvanas for years in a tough spot, as they have to acknowledge that her actions were not entirely her own fault, but rather a result of soul shenanigans.

WoW patch 9.2 will close the Shadowlands storyline. It will bring an entirely new area to explore, a fresh raid as well as the return of class-based tier sets. This patch does not have a date for release and is currently being tested on the game's PTR. If the patch is to become available, it will be as Activision Blizzard continues to deal with several sexual harassment lawsuits as well as investigation and walkouts of employees.

Two WoW Classic Players Reach Level 60 in Ultra-Hard Challenge without Dying

This week's launch of World of Warcraft Classic Season of Mastery has seen a lot of the game's dedicated players face the "hardcore" task of trying to achieve level 60 without losing their life buy WoW WoTLK Classic Gold. After more than three days of playing the leveling team has become the first players to accomplish the feat in the brand new servers of the game.
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