FIFA 23 is incredibly fun to play and we'd love for everyone

Same punishment as before – loss and disconnect. You can still search for low DNF% users when using our quick matchmaking engine, and thus avoid the worst offenders. FIFA 23 is incredibly fun to play and we'd love for everyone to be fair players... but realistically that won't happen FIFA 23 coins. Sore losers will always be there.

While we're talking disconnects... Our rule for disconnects at the beginning of a match was simplified: For games with under 5 minutes played, stats are not tracked. For games played longer than 5 minutes, loss and disconnect are applied.

Pleasse fix the player selection during gameplay and allow players to cycle through players as opposed to the guy who is closest to the ball. I lose matches because I 'm selecting a defender that is behind the opposing teams striker instead of the defender facing the attacker.

We've considered this in the past – but the problem would be if you cycled past your player you'd be even further away from getting back to him. Similarly the game is always evolving around you, so you'd be potentially chasing the player you wanted. We have improved the system to bias towards a player that we believe will be most useful. You could also try using your right stick when you're not on the ball. Push in the direction of the player you're after cheap FUT 23 coins. This is a great way to select a player you'd otherwise potentially not get to. Another strategy I find useful is using secondary press to send an AI player to the ball whilst manually positioning a player that I'm in control of in a more 'intercepting' path. Hope that helps.

Will we finally be able to bend and curve passes and through balls to runners?
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