North Vern is a largely passive continent of Lost Ark

Lost Ark Powerpass explained: how to unlock and use two boosts to level 50 for free

It's difficult to determine the Powerpass to figure out the Powerpass Lost Ark The Powerpass is one of two methods of taking characters to levels 50. The best part is that you'll get two for no cost. However Buy Lost Ark Gold, it's a little unclear when these become available and how they function. If you're looking to unlock your Powerpasses but don't know when you should utilize them, this article can help.How are you able to get 2 Powerpasses free of charge in Lost Ark

To unlock your free Powerpass boosters for your character In order to unlock your free Powerpass character boosts, go through the main exploration throughout North Vern on your first character. Follow the blue World Quest chain through the continent until you have completed the final task, which is called Ealyn's Gift.Upon complete, you'll receive the North Vern Powerpass token via in-game mail. Take the token and click it with your right mouse before activating it. After you've done that your first Powerpass is available through the character selection menu.You will be sent an additional pass in the form of an in-game email once you've used your first Powerpass and complete this Adventurer's Path process.

How do you utilize a Lost Ark Powerpass and how long will Powerpass leveling take?

The Powerpass activation process is causing some players to panic because the pass is not immediately available when you create a new character. It's not a problem, and it only takes an instant to start. After creating your character, hit launch, touch to the Tome of Prophecy in the Trixion tutorial section, and then select an advanced character. After you've secured that class go back to the character selection menu, where the "Powerpass readily available" icon appears above that character. Hit the Powerpass button at the left at the beginning of launch to begin the Adventurer's Path.

The Adventurer's Path is a short sequence of playable scenarios that are filled with cutscenes and dialogue where Beatrice summarizes the main story. If you play through every segment, it will take around 30 minutes. When you're done, your character is dropped into Vern at level 50 and will be equipped with the item level 302 equipment, ready to embark on the final challenge. You are able to skip sections to get things moving faster; however, there are rewards for once-per-roster items to complete every section. It is suggested to play through the entirety of the Adventurer's Path to get the Battle Item Chest for the Free HP Potions. These are once-per-roster rewards though, so you can safely skipping the whole thing during your second Powerpass.

How do you use you Lost Ark Powerpass

Once you've decided on a second class and you've decided to take it, you're able to proceed and use the Powerpass. Secondary characters, also known as "alts," are extremely beneficial in the advanced endgame with a tiered progression system. Honing your gear will require more and more materials with each level. Furthermore, everyday activities such as Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids will only give you a certain number of material per person. Running these activities with a different character and funneling materials into the main character will greatly accelerate progression.Even if you aren't concerned with speed, it could be enjoyable to try different classes, while also taking in the vast array of game content. Don't worry too much about not using your Powerpasses. you can boost additional characters once you unlock Knowledge Transfers inside the Stronghold.That's all you need to learn about your Powerpass for the game Lost Ark! Making progress the old-fashioned way can take a long, longer time, and these boosts to your character are the best way to get more characters up to 50 levels. If you're uncertain about which class to choose Lost Ark Gold for sale, check our tier lists for ideas. Each class is great though that's why you shouldn't worry too much.Lost Ark: All North Vern Monster Locations

It is easy to be deceived early on into thinking North Vern is a largely passive continent of Lost Ark.
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